Speaking at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Jacksonville

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This coming Saturday, April 22 I’ll be join a few other speakers in Jacksonville, FL and hundreds of speakers around the globe to take part in the 2017 Global Azure Bootcamp. I’ll be speaking on using ARM to provisioning Azure Virtual Machines. So, if you want to come get introduced to creating ARM templates for Azure VMs, come join me … Read More

A Quick test of Accelerated Networking in Azure

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Intro Recently, Microsoft announced Accelerated Networking in Azure. At a high level, they took FPGAs in the Azure Data Center, connected them to the Azure IaaS hosts over PCIe and use that for networking as opposed to the standard way of networking using Hyper-V. You can view a diagram and an article from Microsoft on how it all works here … Read More

Backup your QNAP Device to Azure

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Today I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, the Microsoft Cloud Show (http://www.microsoftcloudshow.com/) and was reminded about Azure Cool Storage, something I read about when it was first announced a couple weeks ago, https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/introducing-azure-cool-storage/ but hadn’t a chance to try out yet. I’ve been running my QNAP backups to hot storage for a few months now, but just … Read More

Azure Premium Storage by the Numbers

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I’ve recently been doing a lot of work around Azure Premium Storage and the configuration options across various virtual machines. I did a similar post to this one where I talked about standard storage. You can find that post here. Since that post I’ve had access to premium storage and Microsoft has released both the DS and GS series virtual … Read More

Deleting an Azure Hard Drive with PowerShell

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The other day I had an issue deleting on of my VMs Old Hard Drive from Azure via the GUI in the browser. So, what did I do, my favorite, write some PowerShell. So, just a quick post on the steps you can take if you want to delete an Azure .VHD in PowerShell. Download and Install the Microsoft Azure … Read More