Microsoft Ignite Day 2 Recap

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Day 2 was all about SharePoint and OneDrive, some Office 365 Usage Reporting and Administration and Office 2019. Here is the Microsoft Ignite Day 2 Recap from my perspective. SharePoint There was a TON of SharePoint announcement day 2 of ignite. In fact, the best way to cover it all in blog posts was to have one parent blog post … Read More

I’m Still Here

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Microsoft Ignite Keynote News

Despite the lack of updates to my Blog over the past few months (other than the quick one around IRM), I’m still around. I’ve just been really bad at blogging. That doesn’t mean I’ve been lazy though. Just to give you a snap shot of what I’ve been up to (which also means what you have to look forward to … Read More

Comcast – My Nightmare turned Horror Story about these Crooks

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[Update 2014-10-09] Just received a call from Comcast Corporate and received much better service than when I previously spoke to the retention department. Comcast, just a bit of advice, if ALL your employees were as accommodating and have the ability to service your customer like the corporate office, you would have much better customer service reviews. So, after all this … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Build Number in PowerShell and GUI may no longer show exact patch level

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I’m not 100% when this started, but I first noticed it with the recent release of the August 2014 Cumulative Update (CU) and the August 2014 Public Update (PU).  Running Windows Update, the SharePoint 2013 PUs show up and are available for download and installation.  In the screenshot below, SharePoint 2013 Public Updates were released on August 12 the  August … Read More

My thoughts on Microsoft’s unified technology event

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As I’m sure you heard by now, the SharePoint Conference – along with the Exchange Conference, Lync Conference, Project Conference and what appears to be TechEd…although the later was a little unclear – have all been rolled into the Microsoft’s unified technology event. Microsoft’s Official Announcement. Since the announcement I’ve read and heard a lot of varying thoughts on this … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Custom Access Denied Page (and others) Fixed

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Several people have found the bug that existed in setting a custom access denied page (or other custom layouts pages) in SharePoint 2013. The PowerShell cmdlet Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage “should” set the new custom page. However, it never worked: Good news is, this has been fixed in April 2014 Cumulative Update(CU). We did find though, that there is one key … Read More

SharePoint 2013 Custom My Site Master Page – 401 Unauthorized

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[Update 2014-02-18]: I spoke too soon, after some further testing, it turned out it wasn’t the CU that ended up resolving the problem (although it may still be a contributor…I’ll need to find another environment to do some testing).  I also found some features that weren’t activated/deactivated the same between the environments.  After setting all the features the same and … Read More

SharePoint List REST Query filter contains

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I was recently venturing into the world of SharePoint Development using REST. I wanted to do a query for list items containing a particular string, rather than just equals a string. I had some trouble coming up with the solution at the time (this was about 7 months ago) and just never got around to writing up a blog post. … Read More