Microsoft Workflow Engine Error – SharePoint 2013

Ben SteginkSharePoint 2013Leave a Comment

Working with a client the other day on some SharePoint 2013 workflows and we were getting an error trying to start them. Looking at the event log we were getting the error:

We did some searching but about the only solution we came up with was to re-install and reconfigure the workflow engine. We had previously installed Workflow Manager CU 1 but hadn’t installed Workflow Manager CU 2.

We figured before doing a full re-install, why not give CU2 a try. Download the update and re-registered the workflow engine with SharePoint 2013 in PowerShell by running the following script, just to make sure (we did try running this before installing CU 2 also):

Full configuration article here –

After that, everything started working as it should. I’m not sure if there is some dependency between the SharePoint Update and CU 2 for the workflow manager that I wasn’t aware of, or if there was some other issue that existed that the CU 2 did more of a repair than anything else. Either way, this was a much better solution that doing a complete reinstall/reconfigure of the workflow engine.