SharePoint 2013 Custom Access Denied Page (and others) Fixed

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Several people have found the bug that existed in setting a custom access denied page (or other custom layouts pages) in SharePoint 2013. The PowerShell cmdlet Set-SPCustomLayoutsPage “should” set the new custom page.

However, it never worked:

Good news is, this has been fixed in April 2014 Cumulative Update(CU). We did find though, that there is one key condition for this to work properly. Your custom page MUST be in the Layouts directory. If you try to play the custom .aspx page in any other directory and then run the commands, setting the custom page will not work.

As you can see in the remarks on the recently updated page in MSDN here: “the URL has to start with ‘/_layouts/'”.

Before you rush out to install this CU, there are a couple of regressions that exist in this CU that you should be aware of. Rather than rehash them all here, Todd Klindt has a list of theme here –

  • Dodge

    Just an FYI… April CU application did in fact correct the mapping bug for accessdenied and the other mapped pages… just proved it…

  • Soha

    I took a copy of access denied page and placed it under folder named “custompages” under _layouts and added some words to differentiate between it and the ordinary one and placed this code in the web.config but it didn’t work with me. Although, I’ve installed April 2014 CU.

    Could anyone please help me out ???

    • Soha,
      A couple thoughts:

      1. Is your access denied page in the “/_layouts/” directory?
      2. Have you tried setting the custom page with PowerShell or just using the web.config? I don’t know that I ever tested the fix with the web.config, I think I only used PowerShell to set my custom access denied page.


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