Deleting an Azure Hard Drive with PowerShell

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The other day I had an issue deleting on of my VMs Old Hard Drive from Azure via the GUI in the browser. So, what did I do, my favorite, write some PowerShell. So, just a quick post on the steps you can take if you want to delete an Azure .VHD in PowerShell. Download and Install the Microsoft Azure … Read More

Azure Premium Storage is Expensive

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Just a quick post on something I found this month (when I ran out of Azure Credits). Azure Premium Storage costs add up in a hurry. I know, MS outlines all the pricing here – and I should have seen it coming, but sometimes the tables don’t meen anything until you can finally comare it with what you already … Read More

Disk Performance in Azure

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This post is simply going to cover some of the results I discovered while doing some testing of Virtual Machines (VMs) in Azure using their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). There will be a second post here (link place holder) that will go over in more detail how to configured the disks for testing, primarily the disk striping, as more … Read More

All about the Office 365 Video Portal

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When the Office 365 Video Portal was released I jumped on the opportunity to play with it as I’ve been looking for something like this. This started out as just documenting my first experience with the portal and has turned into a whole lot more. So, this is going to be by far my longest blog post. For those of … Read More