Deleting an Azure Hard Drive with PowerShell

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The other day I had an issue deleting on of my VMs Old Hard Drive from Azure via the GUI in the browser. So, what did I do, my favorite, write some PowerShell. So, just a quick post on the steps you can take if you want to delete an Azure .VHD in PowerShell. Download and Install the Microsoft Azure … Read More

Incoming Email Stuck in Drop Folder? PowerShell to the Rescue!

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I had a weird issue a few months back working with incoming email in SharePoint 2010. I went through the whole process of enabling incoming, setting up the proper connectors in Exchange, and creating a list with an incoming email address. Everything appeared to be configured and working properly. However, emails were getting stuck in the drop folder on my … Read More

Error Loading Excel Services in PowerPivot Service Application

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A couple of months back I was working on Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2010 with PowerPivot with SQL 2012.  Everything was installed and working properly in our web applications, however, when opening up the PowerPivot Service Application in Central Administration we were getting an error loading the Excel workbook on the management page.  After lots of searching and trying various … Read More

Modify the Members Web Part with PowerShell

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I’m sticking with PowerShell again for this blog post, this time it will be updating the members web part on a SharePoint page.  If you read my last post we were using PowerShell to provision the entire site.  This was another piece of the provisioning process.  The web part was already on the site template, but b/c the site hadn’t … Read More

Using PowerShell to hide folders in a SharePoint List View

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So here it is, my first post of 2012.  I’ve been doing a lot with PowerShell and SharePoint lately and really been enjoying it.  However, this one tasks had be stumped for a while.  Within a SharePoint view, under the Folders section you have the ability to specify either Show items inside folders or Show all items without folders.  The … Read More

Hiding Folders in a Document Library View Using Powershell

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I’ve been doing a lot of work with Powershell and SharePoint lately.  One of the things I’ve been doing is building out several list/document library views with Powershell.  In some of those views, the client has wanted to just see all of the files in a flat file structure (rather than having to drill through the folders).  I actually struggled … Read More